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Available: December 8
Popsicle 5 Pack $34.99
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  • Produced by Mattel for Otter Pops
  • FREE SHIPPING!! (USA & Canada only)
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    Chill out with the Otter•Pops and Fla•Vor•Ice Hot Wheels®!!   This pack includes all five popsicle cars produced and decorated by Mattel® to celebrate America’s favorite freezer bars. The 5-pack inclues:

        • Otter Pops ’67 Camaro featuring Strawberry Short Kook.
        • Otter Pops Dairy Delivery* featuring all of the surfing Popstars characters.
        • Otter Pops ’49 Merc** (Purple Passion) featuring Louie-Bloo Raspberry.
        • Fla-Vor-Ice ’58 Corvette with rainbow-stripe decals.
        • Fla-Vor-Ice Super Tsunami with rainbow-splash decals.

    Don’t miss out on your chance to collect the entire refreshingly cool Hot Wheels® popsicle collector’s series!

    Note: Purchase of the 5-pack or 7-pack satisfies the popsicle cars portion of the Liberty Loyalist required purchases.

        *Left-facing and right-face Dairy Delivery are randomly inserted into the pack.
        **White-roofed and blue-roofed '49 Merc are randomly inserted into the pack.

    Click here to get the 7-pack that includes both the right-facing and left-facing Dairy Deliveries and the white-roof and blue-roof ’49 Mercs.

    • 1,000 first car of each casting (5,000 points total)
    • 200 each additional car of each casting (1,000 points total)
    • 25,000 maximum

    Ships within 3 business days of purchase starting December 17th.

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