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Space Exploration Mars Bus Space Exploration Mars Bus Space Exploration Mars Bus Space Exploration Mars Bus Space Exploration Mars Bus Space Exploration Mars Bus
corner corner corner corner Mars VW Bus Space Exploration Series #1 of 4 Read the official rules
Liberty Legion Exclusive
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Blast off, Legionnaires!!  We’ve just launched the new SPACE EXPLORATION SERIES!  This is a four-bus series, to be released annually.  This means we will be offering a new one each year, culminating with the final release in 2019 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing!

This first one for this year commemorates 50 years of exploring Mars, starting with the Mariner spacecraft in 1965, as well as the landing of the Curiosity rover, and into the future.  The left side features the Mariner 4 in orbit, while the right side showcases the Mars landscape being explored by the Curiosity rover.  The roof artwork gives a glimpse into the future with an explosive launch and view of the red planet from space.  You might also find some strange artifacts if you look closely!

The regular version has gold foil windows, while the Rebel Run has red chrome windows and an alien lurking behind some rocks.  Can you find it?  Have you seen one of these aliens before --perhaps almost ten years ago??

What are the other two buses coming in 2017 and 2018?  You’ll have to wait and see!

    Regular Edition:  1,000 produced
    Rebel Run*:  200 produced with stalking alien
    Points:  1,000

Note: This is the first of four buses in the Space Exploration Series to be released annually.

*Rebel Run by random chance only.

The The Mars VW bus is expected to arrive by April 1st (no foolin’!).

To track your package, locate the order under the "Completed Orders" tab in your "Order History" section of your My Account page.  Click "view" to see the details of the order.  The tracking number is located at the bottom of the details window.  Enter the tracking number into the search bar at the top right on the USPS.com website.

Ordering now open to all Legionnaires.


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